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ISE40 - About Us

About Us

Foundation and Legacy

ISE40 was founded in 1973 by the Galician entrepreneur Urbano Moroño Iglesias. With solid training and experience in plumbing, Urbano began this adventure with a clear vision: to offer comprehensive and effective solutions in the plumbing, electricity, appliances, and gas sectors.

Our Specialty

We are recognized for our ability to locate solutions to complex challenges in our business areas. Although we do not promise miracles, our focus is always on providing practical and efficient answers.

Adaptation and Evolution

Over the years, ISE40 has continually adapted to changes in the market. Despite the emergence of new competitors and platforms such as Amazon and ObraMat, what remains unchanged is the friendliness and exceptional commitment of our team. Put our experience and dedication to the test!

Our Strength

Part of our competitive advantage derives from our affiliation with two important national purchasing groups: Nou Grup in the electricity sector and Clima Aine-Avalco in the water sector. This allows us to offer a wide range of brands and products at unbeatable prices, often beating giants like Amazon with our specialist knowledge and friendly service.

Professional and Community Relations

Our link with installation professionals, especially in Santa Coloma de Gramenet, is a pillar of our business. We also maintain a strong relationship with our individual clients, offering personalized advice and technical support that goes beyond the conventional. Our connection to the local community is strong, and we pride ourselves on being a valuable resource for professionals and individual clients alike.

Commitment to Quality

We work exclusively with brands that guarantee a long-term relationship, offering spare parts, technical advice and reliable after-sales services. We avoid ephemeral brands that lack technical support and spare parts.

Looking Towards the Future:

Over the years, we have faced challenges and learned valuable lessons that have enriched our company culture. In the future, we see ourselves evolving and adapting, always maintaining our essence and values. And who knows, maybe one day a tempting offer will lead us to new adventures in the Caribbean, but until then, we remain committed to our mission of serving our community with excellence and dedication.